New to Netflix in March


March isn’t a great month for Netflix, but don’t worry. There is still enough quality content coming to be able to procrastinate assignments. 

While new content is thin this month, there are some classics made recently available:




-Space Jam 

-The Interview

-The Shawshank Redemption 

My recommendation for a movie already on Netflix this month is The Gift. It stars Jason Bateman as Simon, who becomes reacquainted with Gordo, a former high school classmate. Gordo’s intentions start to become malicious, however, nobody seems to notice except Simon. It’s an amazing thriller that keeps you wondering what either of the classmates will do to each other next. 

For the rest of this month, there is a mix of content being released, including:

Lil Peep: Everybody’s Everything—This documentary covers the artist’s quick but monumental career and comes out on Wednesday, March 4.

 Castlevania, Season Three—The third season of Netflix’s amazing anime about Dracula, and the Belmont family that tries to slay him, will be available on March 5.

Ugly Delicious, Season Two—This is an amazing cooking show that follows chef David Chang. He travels the globe, discussing cultural barriers while eating local delicacies.

-Silver Linings Playbook—It’s a fun, romantic drama/comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany and Bradley Cooper as Pat. Pat is desperately trying to get back with his ex-wife and hangs around Tiffany to prove he’s changed. Meanwhile, Tiffany falls in love with him. It’s a cute film that isn’t bogged down by boring rom-com stuff.