Throw me something mister!


Graphic by Jade Williams

Mardi Gras parades are not always the most pleasant experiences. Trash and beads litter the streets, traffic gets crazy and belligerently intoxicated people roam freely. However, it is not all bad. We get to spend time celebrating and letting loose with friends and family to celebrate the carnival season. The time off of school is a huge plus, too. 

Successfully navigating Mardi Gras takes skill. Without proper planning, you can find yourself in quite the pickle sometimes. We’ve got a few helpful hints for your 2020 Mardi Gras parade season:

1.Do not expect to find a good spot to park. In fact, just take it upon yourself to park wherever you see an available spot—but legally, of course. You are not trying to get a parking ticket. The long trek to the parade route is a part of the Mardi Gras journey, right?

2.With that being said, be prepared to walk. Even if you do find a close parking spot, you are going to want to go walk to a different location to meet friends, find a bathroom or get food. So, wear decently comfortable shoes. 

3.Eat and stay hydrated. Whatever you choose to do during the parade, remember to hydrate and care for yourself. Dehydration is not cool, and you do not want to end up hangry during the festivities.

4.Be courteous. You do not want to be that person shoving through crowds and stepping on feet. Everyone hates that guy. 

5.Be responsible. Listen, we have all witnessed people who have had too much fun at a parade, whether it is someone who is obnoxiously drunk or straight up passed out. Safety is key. You do not want to be that person. Stay safe and take care of yourself. 

6.With safety in mind, be sure to look out for yourself and others. Mardi Gras can bring out some sketchy people. Hold on tight to your belongings and keep an eye out for your friends. 

7.During the parade season, be prepared for traffic and road closures—even long after the parade ends. Being prepared to handle traffic during a parade when traveling is a given, but parade floats need to be transported to their respective float dens. You do not want to be late for work because you got stopped in a line of cars while 30+ floats chug on through the intersection ahead of you. Trust me. 

Mardi Gras truly is a great time and is something unique to us here in Louisiana. It is an opportunity to get together with loved ones and celebrate life. Memories will be made; everybody has at least one Mardi Gras story. So, take a break from schoolwork and studying and hit up a Mardi Gras parade or two.