Crazy Cajun event and how it celebrates culture at Nicholls


Photo by Robbie Trosclair

Nicholls State University Student Programming Association (SPA) held its Crazy Cajun event Tuesday night outside the student union as part of an effort to celebrate culture on Nicholls campus. Running the event were SPA’s Iriel Nunnery, head of the multicultural committee, and Kirsten Angelette, head of the entertainment committee. 

At the event, I had an amazing time. Being able to participate in an event on campus at the woods area just made it that much more special to Nicholls. The lights hanging from the trees gave the event a real “down the bayou” vibe, which was appreciated.

There was zydeco music, Cajun food, a mechanical gator to ride and a live baby alligator to hold. The food was an amazing mix of jambalaya, gumbo, crawfish meat pies, boudin rolls and bread pudding. This was some of the best food I’ve had on campus this semester.

If you were worried about mosquitos, SPA had you covered. They gave out free bug repellent bracelets that honestly made me enjoy my night a lot more. Being Cajun sometimes involves getting eaten alive by mosquitos, but I’m glad they didn’t include that in the activities of the night. 

Alysse Arceneaux, a CIS junior from Fort Collins, Colorado, said it was good food, good vibes and good lights. 

“Any time I can hang with friends and eat free food, I’m happy. I think Cajun culture is important to preserve, especially because of the food,” Arceneaux said. 

Angelette said that so many Cajun traditions she grew up with are beautiful and that even people from Thibodaux don’t know how to celebrate Cajun culture. She said it is important for her to show her culture, as well as other students to show theirs.

“International students come to Louisiana and don’t always get to experience the culture. They get the food but they don’t get everything else,” Nunnery said.

The next cultural event by SPA is set to be the Festival of Colors in March. This Hindu celebration of colors hopes to bring in new life. Nunnery said she puts on these events so people can grow more experienced with different cultures on campus. 

I’m very much looking forward to all SPA multicultural events from here on out and will do my best to attend and cover what goes on.