Last-minute Halloween costumes, because we know you forgot


Graphic by Jessica Mouton

If you’re anything like me, the rate that this year has flown by might have you a bit overwhelmed. We are already in late October, and Walmart has had Christmas decorations out for over two months, which means the holidays are approaching.

In only a few days, Halloween will be upon us. What are Halloween festivities without a sick costume to wear? 

You might have a party or a work event to attend, or maybe you just intend to dress up and spend the holiday on the couch, watching scary movies. We don’t judge. 

My point is, Halloween is nearly here, and it’s no good to feel that last-minute costume panic. So, before going out and buying cheap toilet paper for a DIY mummy costume, I have a few ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes. Be warned, I may include some puns and/or cheesy ideas.

1. Guys can do a red plaid shirt and carry around a roll of paper towels and be the Brawny man—because there is nothing manlier than that Brawny absorbency.

2. Anyone can put on a solid, preferably M&M-colored t-shirt, cut out a white felt ‘M’ and be an M&M.

3. You can get a plain pink shirt, orange shorts and a purple backpack and be Dora the Explorer.

4. You and a friend can whip up Spongebob and Patrick costumes out of some solid-colored shirts, shorts and some fabric for the details, like Spongebob’s tie and the purple flowers on Patrick’s shorts.

5. Pick up a plastic pig nose from a costume shop and a blanket and BAM, you’re a pig in a blanket.

6. If you’re anything like me, you might have an excess amount of black clothing. Put on a black shirt and a black pair of pants, tape some yellow rectangular pieces of construction paper onto your outfit, glue on a fork and now you’re a “fork in the road!” Punny!

7. You and your buds can make a team effort and print out pictures of various jars of spices and glue them to shirts for a near-instant “Spice Girls” look.

8. Take a white cardboard box and cut holes for your arms, head and torso. Glue some magnetic letters, pictures, a grocery list and maybe a to-do list onto it for a fun DIY refrigerator look.

9. For a classic, simple grape costume, attach some purple balloons to a purple shirt and pair it with a green hat or headband.

10. And lastly, a very simple look would be to wrap yourself in silver, holographic tape to emulate a disco ball.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if your costume is well-crafted and well thought out or last-minute and hastily assembled. Halloween is always fun when celebrated with good company, scary movies and yummy treats.