Who should Be in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman”


Image © Warner Bros

With the announcement of a new Batman film, directed by Matt Reeves, I have been very excited, speculating about the cast list. For example, Paul Dano has been announced as The Riddler.

He’s been in Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood, Looper and 12 Years a Slave. He most recently starred along Daniel Radcliffe in the 2016 indie movie Swiss Army Man, in which he befriends Radcliffe’s character, a corpse.

This is shaping up to be one of Dano’s biggest, if not the biggest, roles, and I am very thrilled. I love to see what a less recognized actor can do when given a big role. Jonah Hill was interested in the role of The Riddler but ultimately passed it on. As much fun as it would’ve been to see Jonah Hill take a role like this, I’m still ultimately more excited for someone whose work I’m unfamiliar with.

The movie is also set to cast Robert Pattinson as Batman, Zoe Kravitz (Mad Max: Fury Road and Big Little Lies) and Jeffrey Wright (Westworld). The movie is supposed to be a neo-noir film, focusing more on the detective side of the caped crusader. Its date for it to release is in 2021, and I only have one real concern: I don’t want Joker to influence the trend of DC movies forever, now.

I loved Joker. I thought it was a great movie in DC’s library, and I hope it’s the new standard of quality for DC films. However, I didn’t like how it was a standalone in the universe. Even if it isn’t supposed to take place in the same cinematic universe, why even use the character of the Joker? You could replace the character with any other psychopath, and the movie would still work. I love cinematic universes, especially in superhero films, because heroes are able to team up and fight the villains.

Since The Batman almost immediately released the casting for two villains in the movie, this definitely eases my mind a little. At the end of the day, cinematic universes are fun to watch come together.

On a more childish note, I want this movie to be beautiful, not filled with pretty shots and lighting that make every single scene a background, but I want a gorgeous cast. Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz are extremely gorgeous. Both of them are at the top of my celebrity crush list, and if they could somehow find a way to add Brad Pitt and Zendaya, then I think the ethereal beauty coming from those actors could save Gotham from itself without the need for a man to dress up as a bat.

My personal thoughts aside, I’m eager for this movie. Batman movies are fun, and I personally wasn’t a huge fan of Ben Affleck’s role. I haven’t really seen Pattinson in anything since Twilight, so I’m excited to see him in film again. I also forgot how much I enjoyed Kravitz’s performance in Mad Max, and I’m looking forward to how she’s going to play Catwoman. In the comics, Batman and Catwoman have a weird relationship– sometimes enemies, sometimes husband and wife– so whatever direction Kravitz goes will be a mystery. 

This movie is definitely a hot topic right now, so look out for any future stories. I promise I won’t make them all about how hot Robert Pattinson is.