Mr. 305 to worldwide


Image © Billboard

With the release of his newest album, Libertad 548, Pitbull is officially back on the scene.

At the beginning of his career, Pitbull was known as “Mr. 305,” due to his ties to Miami. Later, he became associated with the term “Mr. Worldwide,” showing the world that he is a global brand and not just local. What has kept Mr. Worldwide in the game for so long is his versatility. 

With collaborations with stars like Pharrell, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Orishas, Gloria Estefan, Daddy Yankee, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Kesha and Lil Jon, Pitbull is not only known across genres, but across generations. 

His stage name wasn’t an accident either. In his autobiography, he says the dogs bite to lock. They are too stupid to lose. The book quotes him saying, “They’re basically everything that I am. It’s been a constant fight.” Pretty smart name to choose, considering the success this man has found through rapping. 

And now, with the release of the Latin album, Libertad 548, he is back to his 305 roots. The album has a heavy Hispanic feel, including songs like “3 to Tango,” “No Lo Trates” and “Happy Mama Day.” Then, with songs like “Winning” and “Get Ready,” featuring Blake Shelton, the album is all about taking over the world, little by little. 

Along with producing long-lasting music, Pitbull is inspiring the next generation to be successful like him. He even helped create the Sports Leadership and Management Academy charter school in Miami. In an interview with CNN, Pitbull said the reason it is so special is because he sees himself in the kids. 

“If we catch them at that little age, mold their minds, teach them what it is to be motivated, self-inspire, believe in themselves because coming from the neighborhood we came from, no one believed in us … this is changing the world little by little,” Pitbull said.