Coming to Netflix In October


Graphic by Dominique Barquero

October is my personal favorite time for watching Netflix. Chillier weather makes many afternoons great for crawling in bed and ignoring schoolwork while watching the October releases. 

Already released this month is season two of the animated series Carmen Sandiago. Once a popular “edu-tainment” video game character, the show has turned into a light-hearted and beautifully animated cartoon that anyone could enjoy either by themselves or with family.

Also already released are films and shows including, Bad Boys, Good Burger, Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, Men in Black 2, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie and One Direction: This is Us.

Big Mouth gets a third season, being released on Oct. 4. If you haven’t started watching this show, it’s an animated comedy series about puberty, featuring voice talents like John Mulaney, Jordan Peele, Nick Kroll and Maya Rudolph.

Other content being released this month include El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, which takes place in the cinematic universe after the show, and it is being released on Oct. 11. On Oct. 17, The Karate Kid is being added. On Oct 18, Eli is being released, a Netflix original horror about a boy who undergoes experimental treatment for his debilitating illness. It might be the perfect thing to watch to get you in the mood for Halloween. Also being released that day is the Netflix original, Living With Yourself. Starring Paul Rudd, the show centers around his character being replaced in his life by a clone of himself.

If you think that October’s releases are a little under the bar, don’t worry, it already has an assortment of scary movies to watch to kick off the month. Films already on the service include Scream and its sequels, the original Stephen King classic, Carrie, The Conjuring, Insidious, Candyman and The Ritual.

If you want something scary with a lot less slashing, I recommend Creep, an amazing film that features a camera-man documenting a man with cancer’s last week on earth. During filming, it becomes slowly apparent that the man with cancer isn’t just a creep but a psychopath as well.