Respect the hustle



Recently, it has become a trend of movie critics to give films with a predominantly female cast bad reviews. Some say these films can be considered impractical, unrealistic or, especially in crime films, unimaginable. As if to say, they couldn’t pull off such a thing. 

Before even reading the reviews of Hustlers, I must say my piece. Not only did these women successfully pull off scamming multiple crooks, but they did so in style. If you forget the negatives associated with their profession, what is left is strategic women who took a skill they were good at and used it to make money. The problem occurred, as in any good crime scandal, when greed crept in. 

The movie, although very powerful, does show some serious cases of concern. Defending their actions is a stretch, but give credit where credit is due. Am I agreeing with the actions of these women?  No, not necessarily. I am, however, pointing out the fact that they deserve to be recognized as being able to pull off a heist at such a level, just as so many men are idolized for. I’m simply reinforcing what the movie is asking us to feel, which is empathy for this real connection between a couple of bosses. 

The women are bold, entertaining, intriguing and although criminals, the envy of every viewer. The relationships formed between mentor and mentee is honestly heartwarming. The one thing a movie based on an article is required to do is to provide a compelling reason for the story. 

Whatever you expected from this movie, think again. Then, enjoy the well-told story of the true legendary events that occurred around the early 2000’s.