Nicholls writing center now helps students with writing online


Photo submitted by Lexie Pellegrin

All Nicholls State University students can now receive help with writing via emails with the Writing Center. 

This service was previously only available to students taking all online courses.

The Writing Center decided to open this service to all students because of the large number of student-athletes who utilize the Writing Center. 

“Athletes tend to have very busy schedules. They don’t just have to contend with school; they also have practice. They have meets, they have work, they have a family life,” said Lexie Pellegrin, a senior English major from Chauvin, who is a level two CRLA certified tutor at the Writing Center. 

The Writing Center chose to open the online service to all Nicholls students so that it would be more accessible to students who may not have time to show up for an in-person tutoring session.

If a student needs help with any type of writing for any class, he/she can email [email protected] with an explanation of the assignment and the request to set up an online appointment. 

If the student simply needs help with specific writing skills, such as developing a thesis statement, he or she should include this in the email. Once the email is received, the Writing Center will designate a level two or above College and Reading Level Association (CRLA) certified tutor to work with that student via email for thirty minutes.

The tutor will provide feedback on the work, as well as links to helpful writing sources.

 The goal of this program is to increase accessibility to the Writing Center, which students already pay for in tuition fees. 

This program is meant to boost Nicholls’ average GPA and graduation rate, as well as increase the number of students who utilize the Writing Center.

“We understand that people have lives. They have things that they can’t really work around in order to have a thirty-minute [in-person] session. Since you already pay for the Writing Center in your tuition fees, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from getting advice on [your writing],” Pellegrin said.