Nicholls art department displays work of artist Dorothy Fratt


Photo submitted by Teresa Shannon

From Sept. 9, 2019, until Sept. 27, 2019, the artwork of Dorothy Fratt will be on display at Nicholls State University.

Fratt is an artist from the abstract expressionist movement. Prints and mixed media will be on display. The exhibit focuses on Fratt’s work on paper.

Teresa Shannon, an exhibitions coordinator, said the idea to showcase Fratt’s work was brought to the university by Fratt’s son.

Fratt passed away in 2017. Her son had a collection of her work on paper that had never been displayed as a group together, and he approached the university.

“Since she has an international show record and she’s got really strong work, it was a really good opportunity to do that exhibition,” Shannon said.

According to Shannon, the artwork is different from the artwork usually displayed by the art department.

“It is interesting to see her work because it shows a different kind of work that is usually shown here. It shows abstract expressionist work and a woman who was continuing to make work while she was raising children, and it shows the range of her work,” Shannon said.

Shannon said the reception, held Wed Sept. 11, 2019, was more extensive than most of the receptions.

The reception featured a speech from Fratt’s son, as well as a speech from others. An exhibition catalog was created for the event.

Ashley Busby wrote an essay on Fratt’s work for the catalog. Busby also spoke at the reception.

In Busby’s essay about Fratt, she wrote: “Fratt never sought recognition for her work but only sought to produce the best paintings possible that met her incredibly high standards.”

The artwork is currently being displayed at the Ameen Art Gallery located on the second floor of Talbot Hall.