Career Services is offering new programs to help students


Graphic by Jessica Mouton

Career Services is implementing new programs to benefit students. 

On Wednesday, Career Services held a part-time job fair that included about ten local companies. This event was aimed at all students, especially those who were unable to get student employment jobs on campus but still wanted to work while in school. 

Career Services would like for this event to grow in the coming years.

On Sunday, October 6, Colonel Suit-Up with JCPenney will take place at JCPenney in Houma. The store will close its doors from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The only customers will be Nicholls students, their parents and Nicholls alumni. 

Students and alumni must register beforehand. This is an opportunity for students to buy business and business-casual attire at a discount. Many items in the store will be thirty percent off, including shoes, handbags, undergarments, shirts, pants, dresses, belts, ties, etc.

The salon will be open to give students suggestions and will be scheduling appointments for a later date. Sephora will not be included in the sale but will have mini-makeovers and samples. 

There will also be a measuring station to help customers find the proper size clothing. Career Services hopes that this will be a fun, spirited event. 

On Nov.11, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the ballroom, a mock-interview event will be held. Students can sign up for a specific time through Handshake. 

“Students will be able to come in, meet with an actual HR recruiter, who will mock an interview for them, and then give them critiques. Practice makes perfect, and the more practice that we can give our students, the better,” Kristie Tauzin Goulas, director of the Office of Career Services, said. 

The Office of Career Services has transitioned from using College Central Network to Handshake. Every Nicholls student has been pre-uploaded into Handshake. 

To start your account, you must simply open the email from Handshake, click the link to activate your account and fill out your profile from there. 

Students can upload a resume, which will be reviewed by the Office of Career Services. Staff from the office will then post suggestions to help improve the résumé. 

“Handshake will broaden the scope of opportunities for our students. They will be able to see internships that are not just right here in the tri-parish area,” Goulas said. 

Students can make appointments with the Office of Career Services through Handshake. Students can also call the office.