The Office AND Friends leaving Netflix?


Graphic by Jessica Mouton

There is tragedy among us. Who is personally responsible for this lack of respect is unclear, but the public is not happy. By the public, I mainly mean myself. However, I know I am not alone in this feeling of abandonment. My one question is, “why? Netflix, why?” It’s one thing to take a beloved sitcom off of the streaming service, but two?

As it turns out, this decision may not be at the hands of Netflix executives. Netflix tweeted in July that they are sad to lose The Office to NBC’s own streaming platform. Although, members can still binge the quirky comedy on Netflix until January 2021.

Friends, although in a similar situation, does not have as much time. The gang will be leaving Netflix for Warner’s streaming service beginning in 2020.

At this point, annoyance takes over. Netflix’s spike in popularity grew due to convenience. Having everything one could want, including old classics and Netflix original series, all in one place was the appeal. As more and more streaming services begin to pop up, that purpose is defeated. With so many options, people are less likely to subscribe to any at all. We may as well be better off with basic cable.

What concerns me the most is that the upcoming generation of sitcom lovers will not get to experience the relationships developed between the viewer and these shows. There will no longer be pleading with friends and coworkers to keep watching beyond the first few seasons of The Office or argue over the complexity of Ross and Rachel’s love affair in Friends. There will be no easy access, which results in no motivation to seek out these experiences of heartfelt connections.

As a fan of both The Office and Friends, I don’t know which one will be missed more. Although very different from each other, both provide the same experience. The connection to the characters, the relatable chaos and the joy of laughter are all unforgettable.

The best advice I can give is to start collecting season by season. Because, although you may not think it now, those days will come when a nostalgic binge session is needed from two casts that feel like family.