Grant Henry resigns as SGA president, Austin Wendt to fill the position


Grant Henry has resigned from his position as the president of the Nicholls State University Student Government Association on Tuesday, Jan. 16.


“…I am resigning from the position of SGA President for the Spring 2019 semester,” Henry said in a letter posted to his personal social media accounts. “This experience distracted me from my goal of graduating.”


His resignation is effective immediately. Henry said that his primary goal when coming to Nicholls was to graduate, and said that his position in SGA was time consuming and distracted him from his goal.


Vice President Austin Wendt is set to replace Henry, and Emma Bourgeois, the vice president pro tempore, will take Wendt’s place.


Dean of Student Affairs Michelle Caruso said that looking back at previous records, there was nothing that indicated a Nicholls SGA president had resigned before. Still, the constitution in place indicated that the vice president would be set to take the position as president, and the vice president pro tempore would take the then vacant vice president spot.


Wendt and Bourgeois are set to serve for the remainder of the term before elections for new leadership occurs later this spring.


“The election will take place as it normally does,” Caruso said.


Nicholls president Jay Clune addressed the student body in an email on Thursday, Jan. 17 regarding the change in leadership.


“I’m confident that he will be a powerful voice for Nicholls State University at the state capitol during the legislative session,” Clune said.