Assistant Nicholls soccer head coach embraces a more hands on role

Danny Free, the assistant head coach of Nicholls soccer, has been a crucial part of the team as it went through a head coaching change right before this season began.

After being brought on by previous head coach Dylan Harrison in 2015, he never imagined that such a change would take place.

“Since Coach Mac’s come in, it’s been me and him full time, so I’ve taken more of a role as a full time assistant,” free said. “My role is more hands on now, with the day to day running of things and the interaction with the girls.”

Before Michael McBride came in has head coach, Free said that was brought in primarily to work with the goalkeepers.

“Now I’m not just working with goalkeepers, I’m working with the field players out on the field,” Free said.

Free’s role was not the only one that changed with the addition of McBride as head coach. He made sure to point out that the team itself went through a number of changes as well.

“It’s always hard when you lose a coach, and these girls here were recruited by the previous coach,” Free said on the impact the change had on the players. “It’s tough, I’ve dealt with that myself as a player.”

Free made it clear that the change did not impair the team in any sense, as he said that the girls took on the new coaching situation with open arms.

“The girls have done great. We’ve been talking about it throughout the summer, and we said we just have to control what you can control,” Free said. “The girls have dealt with that adversity and are just riding with that.”

The change did not bring about only challenges for the team, and according to Free it helped them to look at their season in a different way.

In regards to the benefits of bringing in a new head coach, Free said, “It was a fresh start for everyone. The girls are really energized by that, and they really like how energetic he is and how positive he is.”