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New event introduces campus resources to freshmen

Chief of Police, Craig Jaccuzzo, addresses the Freshmen class about safety on campus at the New Colonel Kick Start  for freshman. Colonel Kick Start was held August 19 in Peltier Auditorium.

Photo by: Richard Galbreath
Chief of Police, Craig Jaccuzzo, addresses the Freshmen class about safety on campus at the New Colonel Kick Start for freshman. Colonel Kick Start was held August 19 in Peltier Auditorium.

A new event called New Colonel Kickstart was created to inform incoming freshmen of on campus resources available to students that can help lead them to a successful college career on Sunday.

At the event, the chief of police on campus, Craig Jaccuzzo, introduced the escort service that the campus police have. He explained that if it is raining or if a student is stranded somewhere without a way to get back to the dorms, campus police will come pick them up or find another source of transportation to get students home safely.

Jaccuzzo also discussed tips for parking on campus and how to avoid fines at the event. He explained that students must have a parking permit and know where to park. Jaccuzzo stressed the importance of the “15-minute rule” in which students should arrive on campus at least 15 minutes earlier than their class time in order to get a parking spot closer to their building.

Lastly, Jaccuzzo encouraged students to attend events that Nicholls provides for them.

“The biggest injustice I see is when students come in for class at 7:30 a.m. and go home by 11:30 a.m.,” Jaccuzzo said. “I ask that if you don’t like football, go see a game one time. If you want crawfish, go to crawfish day at least one time. If you are paying for it, go get your money.”

Another guest speaker at the event was Michele Caruso, dean of student services. She explained to students their roles, responsibilities and rights as students. Caruso also explained how students are now able to register to vote in the Colonel Card Office in the Student Union due to the Voter Motor law.

“With a very important presidential election coming up, we all want to make sure we are prepared to vote,” Caruso said.

Nicholls also offers other resources such as tutoring, counseling, health care and recreation among a range of services designed to aid students in their path to academic excellence.

At the Tutorial and Academic Enhancement Center, tutoring classes are provided to students who need extra help in their classes. Peer tutors, from diverse fields of study, including writing skills, compose the most part of the staff. To get help, students can sign up for a single session or recurring sessions. Small group peer tutoring is also offered once a week in 60-minute sessions.

Lauren Luce, senior chemistry major from Gonzales, who has been a peer tutor for five semesters, said the primary concern of the tutors is to ensure that the students are given the tools to thrive.

“One of the most beneficial things I found when tutoring is when students have the opportunity to teach and explain questions to others in the group,” Luce said. “Confidence is built and the concept sticks in their heads more.”

The purpose of the tutoring center is to help students with study skills, confidence and independent learning. It also helps to improve Nicholls retention rate.

Another resource offered is Campus Recreation. Their mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle through fitness and wellness, intramural sports and activities. Students can sign up for group classes like Zumba, yoga, body combat, body pump, body flow etc. at Harold J. Callais Memorial Recreation Center. All classes are free with your colonel card.

The intramural sports offered are flag football, volleyball, soccer, basketball and softball. The leagues last for about five weeks and have playoffs. There are also tournaments to sign up for. Some include ultimate frisbee, Wii bowling, badminton, indoor soccer, dodge ball, wallyball, 3pt. contest, free throw shootout, and home run derby.

Free bicycle sharing is also available at the Recreation Center. Currently, nine bicycles, two tandem bicycles and one adult trike are available for use. This service can be beneficial for students who have no transportation at all.

University Health Services (UHS) is other resource that students can take advantage of. Students may visit the UHS office, which is located in the Betsy Cheramie Ayo Hall, for any small health problems, medical information, or injuries. Nurses assess and can treat students with specific over-the-counter medications per physician’s standing orders.

The university makes all of these resources available to students at no cost, in order to provide them with the best college experience possible.

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New event introduces campus resources to freshmen