Bridging the gap of labels between Greeks and non-Greeks


Photo by: Jeffery Miller

Members of Sigma Sigma Sigma, Delta Zeta, and Phi Mu await their newest members during Sorority Bid Day 2016.

Labels have plagued society since its beginning, and with every generation there is more separation for increasingly meaningless reasons.

Even now, there are labels separating people based on their extra-curricula activities. The label GDI, which stands for God Damned Independent, is just another one of those examples created out of pride by someone who either wanted to belittle Greek life or to belittle non-Greek life. It can be counter productive for someone involved in an organization that promotes brotherhood or sisterhood to label someone outside of that organization as a GDI. Also, if someone who is not involved in Greek life identifies their self as a GDI, they are personally labeling themselves as an independent; however, instead of losing their identity to something they are, they’re losing their identity to something they’re not.

Now, it must be understood that while I am not in a sorority, more than half of my friends are in Greek life and I love them dearly. My decision to not be in a sorority is a valid lifestyle choice just as much as it was for my friends to decide to be in a sorority. I didn’t base my decision not to rush off of hatred for sororities or Greek life, but simply on my lack of desire to be in one; however, I know I’m not alone in that.

From the perspective of one person outside of Greek life, I don’t want any label to define me, especially one that mocks my independence. Despite this, I still have plenty of respect for others and I understand that my friends in sororities are not just typical “sorority girls” or a typical “frat guys.” They are living, breathing individuals that make up a unique part of Greek Life.

When I say these things, I don’t mean to criticize for the sake of checking off my personal agenda; however, I hope to free Greeks and non-Greeks from yet another binding label. Let us be individuals not confined to labels, but free to be as big as our imaginations allow.