Manning family makes first statements at 2016 Manning Passing Academy


Photo by: Caroline Callais

From left to right: Peyton, Archie and Eli Manning stand for a group photo before the Manning Passing Academy press conference at Nicholls State University this morning.

The Manning family made their first statements about this year’s annual Manning Passing Academy at a press conference this morning.

This year marks the 21st year of the camp itself and the Mannings’ 12th year hosting it at Nicholls State University. Open spots for the camp sold out before Thanksgiving this year with about 1,250 players enrolled from all over the country. Archie Manning, founder and co-owner of the camp, said there are over 120 people on the coaching staff this year.

“We’ve got about 38 college players this year and 35 starting quarterbacks in college football his year,” Archie Manning said. “They’re a big part of our camp.”

Peyton Manning said its hard to believe its been 21 years and even though he is retired, he said he will continue to actively participate and try to help the kids and answer any questions they have. He said the camp gives him a chance to spend time with Archie and Eli.

“I’ll always be part of this camp, I don’t play football anymore but I still enjoy participating in all the activities and being around the kids,” Peyton Manning said. “Eli and I have always said this is a great reminder as to why we love football.”

Eli Manning said he enjoys seeing the kids who have been at the camp a number of years before.

“It’s good to recognize and see how they’ve gotten better and its good to hear about how their high school careers are going, if they’re starting quarterbacks now or if they won a state championship,” Eli Manning said.

Both Peyton and Eli stressed the importance of the camp and how it is more than just a camp to them.

“It’s a reminder of what football is about, kind of how we all got into football, how its about having fun, playing a sport and coming here to try to get better,” Eli Manning said. “That’s what the kids are doing and what I’m trying to do as well.”