How to survive the last month of school

It’s easy to lose your mind and want to skip class with only a month left of school, but hang in there because here are four tips for surviving the last few weeks of this semester.

Don’t give up on your classes

It’s tempting to procrastinate, especially when summer is so close, but remember that your classes are still in session. Write your best English paper of the semester and ace your math exam. You’ve worked too hard all semester long to give up now. Knowing the semester will be over in a matter of weeks should be enough motivation to keep you going.

Whatever you do, resist skipping class.

Everyone seems to be extra tired as they near the end of a semester. You’re absolutely done with everything school related, but, although it can be hard, keep attending class. Soon enough your 7:30 classes will be a thing of the past, or until next semester.

Be aware of finals week.

Don’t let exams sneak up on you. Set up study groups ahead of time and try to retain the last bit of information presented in class so there’s one less thing to study. The hard work will pay of and your GPA will thank you for it. You’re not alone. Everyone can’t wait to get finals over with and enjoy the summer away from school.

Find things to look forward to other than summer.

No one likes Mondays or weekdays, but add a positive twist to the week. Instead of seeing Monday as the start of a slow week, think of it as being one day closer to the weekend. Once you get to Wednesday, your week will be half way done. The weeks will be flying by before you know it.

Now when summer vacation does come around, make it last. Enjoy your days off because they’ll be over faster than you know it.