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Fletcher partnership expected to continue boosting enrollment


Nicholls State University announced the opening of their office at Fletcher Technical Community College in hopes of making the transferring process less intimidating, as well as contributing to Nicholls’ increasing graduation rate.
A representative from Nicholls will be at Fletcher a few times throughout the week to advise students who are interested in transferring to the University and answer any other questions they might have. The representative will be able to provide information regarding student aid, program requirements, housing, etc. Nicholls plans to hire a representative to work full-time at Fletcher in the near future.
The program is intended to enhance the relationship between the two schools and make the transfer process as smooth as possible for students. University president Bruce Murphy explained how this partnership will also contribute to overall goal of increasing enrollment and graduation rates.
“When we talk about graduation rates and completion, those are the students that are going to up it,” Murphy said. “We are doing this in order to increase the relationship between Fletcher and Nicholls and increase the probability that students will be attracted Nicholls and make the process easier for them.”
Stephanie Verdin, director of university marketing and communications, explained how important it having an office on Fletcher’s campus is important.
“It gives us great visibility at Fletcher,” Verdin said. “We hope that when students walk the halls they will see the Nicholls brand there. Hopefully it will be easier for the students who were nervous or intimidated about navigating the process of transferring to have a representative there.”
The Nicholls Transfer Student Success Center is located in room 209A at Fletcher’s Schriever campus, 1407 La. 311.

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Fletcher partnership expected to continue boosting enrollment