Math Club challanges students for Math Awareness Month

The Nicholls Math Club challenges people around campus to a “Problem of the Week” throughout the month of April to commemorate Mathematics Awareness Month.

First started by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, he created MAM to help people understand and appreciate the beauty of mathematics. The theme for this year’s occasion is “The Future of Prediction.”

Math Club president senior John Thibodeaux from Houma and vice president Marina Skopje, graduate student from the Republic of Macedonia, believe the weekly math problems this month are fun ways for people to not only think and challenge themselves, but to also understand how math is essential to everyday life.

“Whether you think about it or not, math is part of your everyday,” Thibodeaux said. “It’s more so based on logic than number, so it benefits you to know math throughout life.”

Whoever believes they have the solution to the weekly math questions should email their answers Math Club faculty advisor Brain Heck at
[email protected] for review. The first person to submit the correct answer wins a small prize each week for that particular week.
Nicholls Math Club pushes for the entire Nicholls community to give each problem this month.

“When challenging yourself in a situation, in the case with the problems, that is not necessarily critical or for a grade, its good to push yourself and see just what you can do. You may find you have more intuition than you think,” Heck said.