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Rodents and mold found in Brady Apartment Complex


Residents of Brady Apartment Complex complained of pest and mold problems in their rooms.

A set of roommates heard rats scratching in their air vents in building six of the apartment complex, after returning to campus from summer break. Maintenance checked the room and found rat droppings while changing the filters in the air vents. Traps were set inside and outside of the building.

Pest control sprayed poison in every air duct in building six. The exterminator worked with the director of health and safety to find a poison that would be safe for the residents who will be using the air ducts. Brenda Haskins, director of auxiliary services, says the problem may be due to the campus’s close proximity to the sugar cane fields.

“When we cut the sugar cane in the fall and when the weather gets colder, those rodents look for places to go,” Haskins said. “We need to find out where they are getting into the building and how they are getting into the air vent itself.”
Housing sends out annual warnings to residents when the sugarcane is being cut to warn about the potential problem of mice. Residents are instructed to keep their trash cleaned up in order to prevent this problem.

One rat was caught in the trap and no more have been seen since pest control came.

In addition to the pest reports, some Brady residents have also been experiencing mold problems in their rooms. A set of roommates in building five had to relocate while maintenance handled the mold problem in their room. Half of the sheetrock in the apartment has been removed and a brand new kitchen with new cabinets and countertops were installed.

Haskins explained how mold is an ongoing problem due to roof leaks, shower leaks and Louisiana’s summer heat. This problem has been seen throughout all the residence halls on campus. A dorm in Zeringue Hall will have to be gutted due to a roof leak.

Paige Breaux, housing administrative coordinator, explained how these maintenance issues become bigger problems when residents do not report them.

“We are moving to a more preventative stage, where we speak often with our staff about making sure they are checking for any leaks they may see on their rounds,” Breaux said. “This way we can catch it on the front end before it becomes a bigger problem.”

The housing staff administers health and safety checks twice a semester. They are to report any small leaks or mold they find.

“We are here to give students a good living experience,” Haskins said. “Anytime they have a maintenance problem or pest problem of any sort, we encourage residents to let us know as soon as possible.”

The Brady apartments were built in 2003 and were not previously owned by Nicholls. Since their opening, they got new furniture, faulty pipes have been replaced and they have been repainted. The goal is to have two of the buildings in the complex repainted each summer. Haskins explained how maintenance in Brady is an ongoing process.

Maintenance requests can be filled out online through the housing website.

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Rodents and mold found in Brady Apartment Complex