Ten thoughts students have at the beginning of the semster

Desmond Hunter, Lagniappe Editor

Students are back on campus after a much-needed winter break. They’re excited to reunite with friends and favorite professors, but most importantly, they’re ready for a new year and new semester. The new semester provides students with a “fresh start” to improve or change things that didn’t quite go as planned last semester.

Here are a few thoughts many students have at the start of every semester.

1. I’m actually going to class this semester

Going to class to only take tests isn’t considered going to class. Do better, be attentive and be active in the classrooms. Professors like when students show up and actually talk back in those early 7:30 a.m. classes.

2. You know what, I’m going for a 4.0 this semester

The person who said, “Aim for the stars, so if you don’t reach your goal, you’ll still land on the clouds” obviously never took over 18 hours a semester and worked part or full time while in school. Just aim to do your very best.
3. I’m going to the rec and getting back into shape this semester

I know we’ve heard the “for just 20 minutes a day” workout plan. A dedicated mentality about working out is required if you’re serious about getting into shape. Just know when Spring Break rolls around and it’s beach time, you’ll probably regret all those Danishes from Jazzman’s.

4. I’m going to stay focused so I won’t have to drop classes

Stay on top of your courses as early as possible, that way you’re not offering your professor your left leg for 10 points around finals.

5. Enough with fast food, I have to start eating at the café

Buying fast food hits hard in the pockets and your stomach if you’re eating out daily. Eating in the café is less costly and has healthier options. I promise you’ll love the two nice ladies who swipe your Colonel Card.

6. I’m going to buy books this semester

Let me be the one to tell you: no one likes sharing a textbook that they spent over $100 on. Buy or rent and actually use your own books. Hopefully your professors actually require you to crack it open more than four times this semester.

7. I’m getting my work done early this semester

Sadly, Netflix and chill doesn’t make your GPA any higher. Do you remember that 10-page essay you stayed up all night doing that almost made you consider dropping out? Save yourself the pain and tackle your work.

8. I’m going to get more involved around school

There are many interesting groups and opportunities offered around campus that would also look great on resumes. Don’t be scared off by the thought of trying to network with others, or the weekly meetings.

9. I’m going to start waking up early

We all need “just five more minutes” in the morning, but waking up earlier in the morning could result in more productive days.

10. I’m going to sit in the front and pay full attention

Actually sitting in the front of classrooms has nothing to do with paying attention during class, but you’ll be less tempted to fall asleep or pull your phone out during your professor’s hour-long lectures.

Starting 2016 off right in the classroom is one of the most obvious motive, bringing eagerness, expectations and maybe even a little fear. We’ve all heard the expression “with great expectations brings great responsibility.” In the case of the new semester, great expectations bring great excuses. Students who have these expectations and others like them at the beginning of the semester should strive to make them last until May, not just until the end of syllabus week.