Faculty and staff recap on participating in Homecoming Week


Photo by: Bettie Tabor

Claude Verdin waits in line to be served by faculty during the homecoming breakfast in the Galliano Dining Hall on Monday night.

Nicholls State University faculty and staff served students an annual homecoming breakfast in the Vernon F. Galliano Dining Hall on Sept. 28.

University President Bruce T. Murphy said it’s been homecoming tradition for Nicholls to host a breakfast for it’s students, faculty and staff.

“The late-night breakfast is a way to show appreciation for the students. It’s a way to get students involved during homecoming week,” Murphy said. “An event like tonight, you get to see tons of students come through. Everyone who comes in line is so nice.”

Murphy helped serve students breakfast. Eugene A. Dial, vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services, cleared tables so incoming students had a spot to sit and eat. Eunice Gonzales, the cafeteria cashier, welcomed students and kept count of the attendees by swiping Colonel cards as they walked through the door.

Within an hour, the homecoming breakfast surpassed last year’s record.

“Last year, 831 students came to the homecoming breakfast. Tonight, we’ve had a great turnout. We have over 850 students already,” Dial said.

Faculty organized the eggs, biscuits, sausage, grits, French toast and pancakes in a buffet style. The students had the chance to pick and choose their meal.

“Where are all these kids coming from?” Gonzales said. “I love being able to see all the wonderful kids, especially those who are close to graduating and I haven’t seen in awhile.”

Gonzales watched in amazement as groups of students continued to walk through the door.

“I didn’t know the late-night breakfast was such a big success. It’s great seeing everyone together like a family,” Gonzales said.
The homecoming dinner has been a homecoming tradition since 1983. Before football came to Nicholls, homecoming was celebrated for basketball.

“Homecoming is a time to celebrate the history of the University. It’s a chance to remember what we have today was built by others before us. It’s a link between the past and the current,” Dial said.

The homecoming court allows for the students to vote on this year’s king and queen and become a part of the festivities. The homecoming king and queen are announced before the homecoming game.

“This week focuses on the activities and the game. There’s something for everybody. We have activities involving families and alumni,” Murphy said. “It’s a time for celebration.”

Student groups, like the Student Programming Association, plan homecoming week events and activities.

“We want students to have fun and to continue traditions like the late-night breakfast,” Dial said. “Students get to enjoy themselves, take a break and interact with faculty and staff. Plus, they haven’t had any alcohol.”

Murphy said he enjoyed volunteering at the homecoming breakfast. He wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

“Homecoming is a time when Colonels everywhere, including alumni, come back to campus. They get excited for the homecoming game. We have a homecoming game and we’re going to beat McNeese. That’s what it’s all about,” Murphy said.