President Murphy addresses the concerns of student leaders


Photo by: Jeffery Miller

President Bruce Murphy addresses student leaders Tuesday afternoon in the Mardi Gras Suite at the bi-annual Presidential Forum.

University President Bruce Murphy held a form with student organization presidents on Tuesday to discuss issues and concerns regarding upcoming changes on campus.

Murphy, along with vice presidents and administrators, was available to answer students’ questions and hear their concerns. Murphy opened the forum with a video that shined a spotlight on the problem of trash on campus. He challenged student leaders to “have some community spirit” and to pick up trash when they see it.

“We have a campus that’s really beautiful; the maintenance and grounds guys keeps this campus looking really good,” Murphy said. “They can’t pick up every piece of paper.”

Organization presidents voiced concerns about their confusion about booking rooms for club meetings and events, especially when trying to reschedule last minute. Chief of Staff Alex Arceneaux said the University has been working to create a website where students can book rooms and add events to the calendar from their own computers. Arceneaux said a program is in the works to take the event coordination process completely online.

“We hope to have this up and running; it’s been an interesting process,” Arceneaux said. “I’d appreciate if you could have some patience with us while we do this, but we are going to try to make it easy for everyone. We are trying to work this out.”

Mike Davis, Assistant Vice President for Facilities, announced that on Monday, the front entrance of Talbot Hall will not be accessible, and the front doors will remain closed for the remainder of the renovation.

“We apologize for any inconvenience, but that’s what comes with progress,” Davis said. “Once we finish that renovation at the end of April or May, I think all of y’all will be very proud.”

Student Government Association President Lillie Bourgeois discussed the new homecoming tailgate procedures.

Tailgating will now take place inside the stadium behind the end zone. This area will now be open to the public before the game, and students and those with student guest tickets will be permitted to stay throughout the game.

“The point was we don’t want people outside of the tailgate partying and watching the LSU game,” Bourgeois said. “We thought this would encourage more attendance at the game.“

The previous tailgate area in the trees will be cleared 15 minutes prior to the game. Anyone who chooses not to attend the game will not be permitted to stay.

Murphy also spoke briefly about the nationwide issue of confederacy civil war. He encouraged the student leaders to bring it up with their organizations.

“Earlier this year, an issue came up nationwide about naming of certain buildings and statues associated with the confederate side of the civil war,” Murphy said. “If that comes up or if you want to have a conversation about that, please do so. If it’s something we need to address, we’ll address it.”