Athlete closeup: senior tennis player Marie Aubert

Nicholls State University women’s tennis team remains undefeated in conference, and the play of the team’s senior standout helped propel the 7-2 Colonels.

Marie Aubert, mass communication major, is now playing her fourth season for the Colonels. Recently, Aubert captured her fiftieth career victory in singles. The native from Lundres, France believes the progression of the team from freshman to senior year got her to the milestone.
“I’m happy for my fiftieth win, especially with the success of the team the last two seasons,” Aubert said. “It feels better to succeed in my senior year. It’s a different taste that we are winning as a team now.”

Meenakshi Sundaram is entering his fourth season as head coach. Sundaram praises Aubert’s competitive attitude on the tennis court.

“She does exactly what’s expected out of every student-athlete,” Sundaram said. “She’s raw talent and understands the opportunity she’s getting here.”

Aubert’s determination sets an excellent example for younger teammates to follow. Sundaram credits Aubert’s work ethic over the course of her career.

“She comes to practice all the time and gives 100 percent at practice every single time, which is expected from all athletes,” Sundaram said. “It’s an absolute privilege and honor to be on the court when she plays. Every coach in the conference is having a huge sigh of relief because she is leaving after this year.”

Aubert came to the states to further her education and also improve in tennis. After talking to several tennis coaches, she felt most comfortable with Nicholls’ coaching staff. The environment around campus is what she enjoys about being at Nicholls.

“I like the size of the school and how small it is compared to other universities,” Aubert said. “It doesn’t feel like you’re just a number. At Nicholls it feels like you matter. Everyone pretty much knows everyone else.”

Aubert is viewed as a positive person by teammates. Being the only senior on the team, her leadership is something that reflects on younger teammates. Sophomore Stephanie Barnett, elementary education major, has played with Aubert for two seasons. Barnett, who was named Southland Conference Women’s Tennis Player of the Week on Tuesday, feels comfortable talking to and taking advice from Aubert.

“I thinks she is a really stable person and is always a leader,” Barnett said. “She always gives 100 percent in everything. She’s always working hard, whether on the court or just in her room studying.”

Tennis was one of many sports Aubert played while growing up in France. Tennis and soccer where the two sports she originally picked up on. She also played handball, a popular sport in Europe.
Family and food is what Aubert misses about home. According to Aubert, the French-inspired food here is much different from the food back home.

“I miss the French bread a lot. The bread here and the dressings don’t taste the same,” Aubert said.
After graduation, she plans to move back to France and get her Master’s Degree in journalism.