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Misandrist movement forces closer look at feminism


Understanding and accepting that feminism is a gender equality movement is one step closer to realizing that the battle of the sexes cannot be won.

By definition, feminism is supporting the same political, social and economic equality for men and women. In a society that is becoming increasingly accepting of other types of equality like race and sexual orientation, the concept that men and women deserve the same opportunities and benefits seems like an easy one to grasp. Unfortunately, feminism is often misunderstood and consequently looked down upon or opposed.

Some of the main arguments against feminism often root in the misunderstanding that feminism is synonymous with misandry. Some female feminists are so empowered by their gender that they feel like they don’t need a male to enhance or complete any aspect of their life. The idea of female independence might threaten those outside of the feminist movement who believe that a woman needs a man to complete her. Just because a woman doesn’t feel the need for a man to complete her doesn’t mean she is a misandrist. Feminism exists to abolish such beliefs for both genders, not only females.

What is often overlooked about feminism is the fact that men have as much to gain from the movement as women do. Since feminism promotes gender equality, gender roles are often opposed to support the life choices of both men and women without having them labeled as “too masculine for a women” or “too feminine for a man.” Feminism supports women who enjoy working on cars, playing video games or being assertive, as well as men who enjoy ballet, cooking or being in touch with their sensitive side.

Some feminists believe that they don’t need a man to pay for their meals on a date or a woman to cook dinner for them because they can do those things on their own regardless of society’s gender roles. These people do not see themselves as greater than people of the opposite sex. They believe gender does not limit what they can do. Understanding that feminism allows people to act outside their gender roles does not mean they believe one gender is greater than the other. It means that feminism allows them to not be defined by their gender. For someone to say they are against feminism is saying they believe that one gender should have more rights and opportunities than the other. Many women declare themselves against feminism because they are afraid they will be labeled a misandrist. A woman who says she is against feminism is not saying she’s against the prejudice of men. She is saying that she is content with men having more rights than women just because of gender.

The battle of the sexes has been fought for ages, but no side has ever won. Once feminism is understood, it may become clear that the only real battle worth fighting for is equality between the genders.

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Misandrist movement forces closer look at feminism