Where are they now: Kristen Fillmore

Many student-athletes learn to develop a sense of pride for their college or university while playing and representing them. For former Nicholls State University soccer player Kristen Fillmore, Colonel Pride still runs deep in her blood.

Fillmore, a native of Waco, Texas, arrived on the campus in Fall 2003, where she was a defender on the soccer team. She received All-Conference Honorable Mention in her freshmen year, and played for the women’s soccer team until 2006. Fillmore’s decision to come to Nicholls came her senior year of high school, after touring a few college campuses that offer her the opportunity at playing soccer.

“Nicholls was one of the universities I hand wrote letters to. One summer, before my senior year, my mother and I did a road trip to schools within the state of Texas and Louisiana. The moment I stepped foot on campus, I knew Nicholls was where I wanted to go,” Fillmore said.

Fillmore says Nicholls was perfect because she wanted “a small town university atmosphere where she could get a great education and be able to have that experience to play.”

In Fall 2007, Fillmore earned a degree in Human Performance Education. In Spring 2008, she continued her education and became a Graduate Assistant for the women’s soccer team. After a semester of coaching, Fillmore was offered a full-time assistant soccer coach position, where she coached for four years. Currently, Fillmore serves as the Intramural Recreation Coordinator for the Harold J. Callais Memorial Recreation Center.

“Nicholls has continued to give me great opportunities and open so many doors for me,” Fillmore said. “From an athlete prospective to giving me not only my first job, but also my second job as well.”

Fillmore credits Nicholls for helping students develop and find themselves. She expressed how whether being involved in athletics or different organizations, Nicholls encourages and helps students learn communication and leadership skills.

“Coming from an athletic background, I was totally athletic minded. It wasn’t until I got into the position I am in now that I learned about and saw an entire different view of Nicholls,” Fillmore said. “Now I’ve learned about Greek life and separate outside organizations. It’s awesome to see how it all connects to make Nicholls Community, which is all unique in itself.”

Kat Harrell Slosarek, a former Colonel softball player and current faculty member at the recreation center, met Kristen in 2009 as the strength and conditioning coach. Since then, the two have went on to develop a companionship and have continued to work together.

“She is the ultimate Nicholls Colonel fan, and I believe some of that has to do with her playing here and giving her heart to Nicholls,” Slosarek said. “She’s a fantastic person and doesn’t want to just work here, but wants to be apart of everything, which, to me, is inspiring.”

“I still love this Nicholls, if not the same, a lot more,” Fillmore said. “When I first got here it was all about soccer, but now I notice I’ve learned so much and Nicholls has made me the person I am today. I 100 percent love my job, and I bleed red and grey!”