Examining if FBS teams should schedule FCS opponents

Every football season sparks controversy on whether or not Southeastern Conference and Football Bowl Subdivision teams should schedule Football Championship Series teams.
The reason why the FCS keeps playing FBS teams is for the money that will be given to them. In this century, money is involved everywhere we turn, and football teams look in that direction every time. SEC and other FBS teams pay top dollar for a chance to play FCS teams and leave with blowout wins. FCS teams accept the money and put it towards their athletic programs. Not only do they get paid for traveling to large universities, but they also have a chance to play on a “big stage.”
SEC teams such as Alabama, Louisiana State University, Auburn, Georgia and other FBS teams usually schedule teams in the FCS for an easy win.
Other big time FBS programs, like Oregon, Florida State and Oklahoma, will also schedule similar games.
Most of the time the bigger guys always win, but not always.
Big 12 team Iowa State was destroyed 34-14 by the defending FCS national champions North Dakota State University this past Saturday. Iowa State is notorious for being the “upsetters,” in the Big 12, not the “upsetees.”
No one ever seems to suspect that a Southland conference team would travel up north and come close to beating a big 10 team. Mc.Neese State nearly beat Nebraska this past Saturday. They out played the big red in every aspect of the game.
The huskers had to fight for their 31-24 last second win as if it was a conference foe.
Every season, the SEC will schedule to play an FCS school thinking they automatically have the win. Two years ago, a heavily favored LSU team barely beat FCS team Towson. A game that was supposed to be a breeze ended up literally giving the tigers more than they bargained for. In the end, Towson left Tiger Stadium with a nice check and a disappointing loss.
Different coaches around the SEC have different views of scheduling FCS teams. Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban and Florida Head coach Will Muschamp want to avoid FCS teams. Saban and Muschamp want to play more nonconference FBS opponents from the major conferences like the PAC 12 or Big 12. Georgia’s head coach Mark Richt and LSU head coach Les Miles want to continue playing FCS teams.
I think SEC teams should continue playing FCS opponents, because they will have a chance to improve their records and the teams will benefit financially while gaining experience playing on a national stage. Talented players will have opportunities to expose their talent to the NFL.
FCS teams may be the “little brother” to division 1-A schools, but they are still a football team with different levels of talent. They will always approach a game with the same mindset as SEC teams would. Win or lose they benefit greatly.