SPA to host International Chocolate Day in the union


Photo by: Jeffery Miller

Donald G. Bollinger Memorial Student Union where the Student Programming Associations’ International Chocolate Day will be held next Wednesday.

The Nicholls Student Programming Association (SPA) will set up a table in the Student Union with a chocolate fountain and snacks for International Chocolate Day, beginning this year.
There are many days throughout the year in which the world collectively celebrates chocolate and its origins. International Chocolate Day is argued to be either on Sept. 10 or Sept. 13, which is Milton Hershey’s birthday. The SPA decided to schedule the Nicholls’ celebration of the “holiday” on Sept. 10.

SPA President Taylor Degruise said that the idea of celebrating International Chocolate Day came from SPA Vice President Emiko Kodama last year when she was multicultural chair.
Degruise said, “We all thought it was a cool idea that she came up with because it’s an international day, and she was in the multicultural position.”

“Every spring and fall we try to do as many things as possible in the first 30 days,” Degruise said. “Last year, we just looked online to see what events we’re coming up, and Chocolate Day was in the first 30 days of school.”

This year, Jocelyn Mondragon, the current multicultural chair, is in charge of the event. She is the one preparing and setting up everything for the event.

“She is working really hard to get everything ready, especially the chocolate fountain,” Degruise said. “Chocolate Day is celebrated all over the world and we’re celebrating it just for fun.”

Most people just eat an extra candy bar on this holiday, but the SPA will be sharing their chocolate with the whole school.

The SPA works very hard to try to bring the entire Nicholls student body together and has been very successful in the past. Degruise said that in the first 30 days, the SPA wants to incorporate as many groups of people as possible to start off the year. Then, for the rest of the year, they will work hard to keep the students interested in what the school has to offer.
This year, the SPA is planning to have a rock-climbing wall in the union on Sept. 9, the day before Chocolate Day, and they might be planning a second water war soon.

There are other chocolate days besides the International Chocolate Day that Nicholls is celebrating. Oct. 28 is National Chocolate Day, July 7 is acknowledged as Chocolate Day and February is celebrated as Chocolate Awareness Month.

While International Chocolate Day is the perfect opportunity to overindulge and eat chocolate in ample proportions, other holidays allow us to eat some of our other favorite foods. While there are days set aside for all types of things, 30 are specifically designated to chocolate.