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Christina Berry
Maco 251
Letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

It seems to me that some students are concerned about
what really draws students to a University. In the past, a
letter was written and published in the “Nicholls Worth”
where a student discussed the money used in the
addition of new facilities would be better served in adding
academic programming. I completely disagree with that. I
do believe that our school should improve and add to our
academic programming but I also want to point out that
our facilities could also use upgrading.
For those few students in the dorm, a new network that
would allow better access to the internet as well as cable
packages included in room and board would be very
attractive to in-coming students. As a transfer student
from a school that did provide those services, it is very
inconvenient to only have access to the Internet and
printers during library hours. Ellender’s computer lab
may be used at anytime however it lab does not feature
any printers. This standard of 24-hour access to
computers and printers are being actively instated
nationally and Nicholls needs to update its facilities.
The new facilities for students to work out (student
fitness complex) will be a great addition to those
students who are concerned about staying in-shape. But
for the sport’s fan, the athletic department is trying to
raise the quality of its athletic facilities. The arenas
boasted by other universities have been on the drawing
board for a long time. Along with dreams for an indoor
arena, our outdoor facilities could also stand
improvement like the sinking tennis courts.
Students are all drawn to universities for many different
reasons. I believe it is unfair to assume that the
university’s appearances are not a major concern for
prospective students. Its all about school pride and I
believe that beautification of the campus will only improve

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Letter to the editor