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Annual Comedy Night Draws students with famous acts

Comedian, Coaco Brown, made the crowd laugh until they cried with her outrageous comedy at SGA's comedy night in Peltier Auditorium on Monday night.

Comedian, Coaco Brown, made the crowd laugh until they cried with her outrageous comedy at SGA's comedy night in Peltier Auditorium on Monday night.

Comedian, Coaco Brown, made the crowd laugh until they cried with her outrageous comedy at SGA's comedy night in Peltier Auditorium on Monday night.


Students gathered in Peltier Auditorium on Feb 2 for some laughs courtesy of the Student Programming Association’s annual Comedy Night, which featured well-known comedians T-Murph and Cocoa Brown.  
Comedian T-Murph from Kankakee, Ill. opened up the show with a comedy routine that focused on the activities and issues college students experience throughout their undergraduate years.
T-Murph’s comedic journey began three years ago when he was working at a barbershop. People constantly told him how funny he was and that he should give comedy a try.  Now he is quickly making a name for himself in the industry as one of comedy’s rising stars. T-Murph has been featured on Comedy Central’s “Key and Peele” and on the Turner Broadcasting Network’s “Just for Laughs Breakout Comics.”
Even though T-Murph has been featured on nationally accredited television networks, the most memorable moment of his career was not witnessed by many.
“I performed in a little hole-in-the-wall club in front of Cedric the Entertainer, and he laughed at my jokes,” T-Murph said. “For me to make one of the ‘Kings of Comedy’ laugh after I’ve been laughing at him for so many years., that was the highlight of my career. I haven’t been doing comedy that long, but it is going to take something [big] to top that for me.”
T-Murph hopes that in five years he will be a series regular on a major television network sitcom.
Cocoa Brown, comedian from Newport News, Va., began her comedic career after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. While in college, she hosted many events for Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. A friend of hers approached her to emcee an event at a comedy club in Maryland. After the show she was approached by The Fat Doctor, mentor of famous comedians such as Martin Lawrence and Dave Chappelle, who encouraged her to pursue her career in comedy.
Sixteen years into her career, Brown has made a name for herself not only in the comedic world but also in Hollywood. Brown has been featured on Black Entertainment Television’s “Comic View,” “Def Comedy Jam,” “Kennedy Center Honors Richard Pryor” and Martin Lawrence’s comedy series “1st Amendment.” Brown has been featured in films such as “Lakeview Terrace,” “American Carol,”  “Hittin’ the Bricks” and “Mahogany Blues.”
Brown will be making her starring debut in the film “Single Moms Club,” written and directed by Tyler Perry. The movie’s release is scheduled for May 2014.
Currently Brown is a series regular on Perry’s television sitcom, “For Better or Worse,” which airs on TBS and stars Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith. Brown plays the role of Jennifer, best friend of Smith’s character Angela, who helps her run her beauty salon. Brown describes her character to have a great dynamic for the show because she is not wealthy like the rest of the characters and represents the average woman working a nine-to-five job.
“She might be college educated or she might be a high school drop out,” Brown explained. “You never know what you’re getting. She is real, and that is one thing you always get from her. What you see is what you get from Jennifer.”
Brown describes working with Perry to be the best thing to happen in her career so far.
“That man is an incredible human being personally and professionally and to be able to watch him and learn from him [is great],” Brown said. “He is my Ms. Jenkins, no one better say anything bad about Tyler Perry. He single-handedly, by the grace of God, changed my life.”
Brown said she plans to pursue more writing and producing ventures possibly with her own sitcom. Along with being a comedian who delivers laughs to her audience, Brown also is a well-educated woman with a master’s degree in education who puts her knowledge to use during her routines.
“I am trying to educate a little bit,” Brown explained. “God gave a sister a little bit of wisdom so I’m trying to pass it on to my sisters.”
Brown wants all women to have a sense of who they are and to make sure that they have loyal friends around to help them along the way.
“Know who your friends are,” she explained. “Test your friends. Tell them something that is made up and crazy to see if it gets back to you. Tell all of your friends something different and if it comes back to you then you know who betrayed you. Know who your Judas’s are.”

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Annual Comedy Night Draws students with famous acts