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Movie Review: Five Feet Apart

March 16, 2019


Graphic by Kaitlyn Biri

Cystic Fibrosis is a familiar term used but not fully understood by the average bystander.

Most know it as a disease, some know that the lungs are the most affected and few know that the chances of living a long life are slim.

The disease comes with many difficulties itself, but when it comes in between you and the people you love, its life-changing. That was the problem for 17-year-old Stella; her condition didn’t change, but her outlook did.

In Five Feet Apart, Stella is first introduced as a girl living with cystic fibrosis.

Even when she returns to the hospital for another countless time, she seems positive. She has a routine, manages her medicine and she remains hopeful.

Will, however, is just a few doors down, with no sense of purpose, order or discipline, but he has a cute, yet mischievous, smile.

While all the actors do a great job of showing the real emotion needed to understand the story, Cole Sprouse as Will does an excellent job of transforming his character.

We meet Will as the nonchalant, tough guy but then develops into a raw, frightened, in-love teenager we desperately want to meet and finally see in the end. Once he has someone to care for and someone who cares for him, he starts to open up.

Like other movies similar to this one, however, we know something gut-wrenching is bound to happen at any moment, and Five Feet Apart plays on this fear.

A tissue-demanding string of events plays out and we think “okay, that was the moment,” but no. Little do we know, many teases of tragic possibilities come along. Left on the edge of our seats, we continue to watch as this new-found love story unfolds in an ending that was unexpected but felt right.

Five Feet Apart is a must-see for any chick-flick movie lover or tearjerker fanatic and anyone who needs a reminder to enjoy the little things in life.

This inspirational story speaks on how life is short, no matter the condition, and that every moment, especially the unforgettable ones, like new love, should be held onto and enjoyed.


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