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Cassidy Barrios: Nicholls all-time women’s basketball top scorer

February 25, 2019

Photo by geauxcolonels

Photo by geauxcolonels

Senior guard Cassidy Barrios managed to become the top leading scorer in Nicholls State University’s program history as she broke Realia Davis’ 32-year-old record with 1,750 career points in the game against Southeastern Louisiana on Feb. 2.

For Barrios, this record is more than just her own effort, as her teammates all have helped her in her accomplishment.

”It is definitely a combination of myself and my team. Without them, I would not be able to get the ball and score in the first place,” Barrios said. “Something that [we] really value is all the hard work that we put in, not only this year but all the previous years leading up to this. It’s all the hard work, and it’s definitely a team effort to make me able to beat the record.”

Furthermore, Barrios also said that all the coaches throughout her career have helped her become the best player possible.

”Definitely all my coaches [have helped me to get to this point], from when I was 4 years old until now. Obviously, Dobee is a big part of that and my high school coaches, you know, they all played a big role in my basketball career, so I have to give them all credit and I appreciate all they have done for me,” Barrios said.

Head Coach Dobee Plaisance said that she’s had a good relationship with Barrios and that her most important job was to keep Barrios healthy and far from injury.

“Well, we’ve always had a very close relationship, and my big thing with Cassidy was just keeping her healthy. She’s always been at the top of the scout and, you know, I’ve always been very concerned about how teams are going to play her and guard her and how she feels the day after a game and so on and so forth,” Plaisance said.

However, according to Plaisance, the reason for Barrios’s success is mainly because of her humility and versatility in the game.

“Her personality, which is a big reason for her greatness, is that she’s humbled. Her humility, very, very humble,” Plaisance said. “The best facet of her game is that she’s so incredibly versatile. You can play her in different situations and different positions. Not only does she demonstrate a high level of skill, but she demonstrates a high level of skill at a very wide range of skills.”

Despite her high skill in basketball, in high school, Barrios was not even sure if she was going to play college basketball. Moreover, she had never imagined that she would get to a point where she would actually break an all-time record.

”In my first year of high school, I was not even thinking about playing college basketball at all. But once I started getting offers and notices from different college coaches, then I really started to think that I could play college basketball,” Barrios said. ”Coming here, I never really thought I would be able to break an all-time leading scorer record, so it was just something I really didn’t have in the back of my mind. For me to do that, that is a big accomplishment for me.”

Currently, Barrios is playing her last collegiate season, but, according to her, there is more basketball to come.

“My plans are to continue to do basketball. Right now, I just want to focus on the season and then when I am done with that, I can worry about my other options after,” Barrios said.

Shortly, the Southland Conference season is coming to an end; Barrios and the Colonels have four games left before the Southland Conference tournament.

”Well, it’s been an amazing journey. The work that this child has put in both on and off the court is just off the charts, and you get out of something what you put into it in life and whatever you do in life,” Plaisance said.



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