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Top five romantic comedies to enjoy on Valentine’s Day (or any other day)

February 14, 2019


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Yes, today is Valentine’s Day. Yes, some people really get into it, and some could not care less. No matter your feelings on the day, we all love a good romantic comedy.

If your partner, friend, coworker or whoever says they don’t enjoy a rom-com, they’re lying. That is a lie simply because, in its most natural form, a good rom-com spews happiness, and who honestly hates happiness? These movies go back to the classic definition of a rom-com being a series of serendipitous, humorous events portrayed while an intriguing new romance unfolds.

If looking for a movie to watch on Cupid’s night or any night, here is a list of the top 5 classic movies that define the genre of romantic comedy, dating back to the budding decade of relatable romance, the 2000s. Enjoy.

  1.  How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

The year is 2003. She’s a writer; he’s an executive. Her mission is to record the measures it takes to lose a man in ten days’ time, and his only goal is to keep a woman for the time being. Through the chaos, lots of eye rolling and bad signing, the two partake in a hilarious story of how an unlikely couple comes to be. It is no doubt a must watch, especially when Andie Anderson, portrayed by Kate Hudson, brings over their new pup, Krull, to Ben Berry’s poker night and Krull pees on the table.

  1. Hitch

A love master’s greater challenge presents itself in the form of Albert Brennaman. He must help Albert get the girl of his dream but also confront his own commitment issues. As it turns out, Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, portrayed by Will Smith, learns there is no hiding the true Albert and there was no need to. It sounds cheesy but it’s a great movie, it works well and Will Smith’s face looks like a swollen watermelon at one point, so that’s pretty funny.

  1. The Proposal

If you are still saying you are not a fan of rom-coms– which you are– you can’t possibly say you don’t love Sandra Bullock. In her many diverse roles, the leading lady seems to be a favorite. In The Proposal, she slowly lets her guard down and finally realizes how handsome and awesome Andrew Paxton, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, is while staying together at his family home in Alaska. If that is not enough, Betty White is a hoot, as always.

  1. Crazy Stupid Love

Putting on more of an emotional rollercoaster than others, this couple has its ups and downs, but they are great no matter what. From Steve Carell jumping from a moving car to giving an unexpected speech at an 8th-grade graduation, there are twists. However, no one could have seen the one, major plot twist that makes this movie full of charm, reality and heart.

  1. Valentine’s Day

In a jumbled mess of people’s lives, their stories unfold, unraveling all kinds of connections between them. I can’t say much more to give anything away, but in heartbreak and newfound love, Valentine’s Day is a movie to remember, and hopefully, your day will be, too.


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