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The relatable reality of student workload

February 5, 2019

Graphic by Jessica Mouton

Graphic by Jessica Mouton

This rant will be one of the most relatable topics for college students. What’s the topic you ask? The topic is college itself. Honestly, it’s been almost two weeks since classes started again, and I’ve already considered dropping out at least five times. I understand the importance of maintaining the value of a college degree, but this workload is simply ridiculous. This article is just one of my five assignments due for today, but I promise that I’m only mentioning my situation to help deliver my point. The writing is completely unrushed and worth reading.

Firstly, I have come to realize that online homework seems to be the root of all of my problems thus far. Four out of my six classes assign online homework at least once a week, and yes, I bought the four access codes just in order to complete each of these classes. I know I’m not the only one who has pondered the possibilities of completing the entire semester’s assignments during the two-week grace period. Personally, it seems undoable, but some of you just might be determined enough. I’m actually quite convinced that these online textbook companies are just scam artists feeding on the dreams of the youth. We’re on to you Pearson; just know, you’ve been warned.

Next, a much needed note to our professors: Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate your tentativeness and understand that you have a job to do, however, can you please just slow down a bit? Sorry, but the class is not ready for a three-chapter exam on the fourth day of class.

Professors usually have our best interests at heart, but some of these classes are just simply too much to only be worth three credit hours. I will gladly accept this workload for a few more credit hours. Is it really that unreasonable to ask that our multiple hours of online work count for something?

Overall, I guess we can’t complain too much about classes because we are the ones who signed up for them. I just wish college was a little less time consuming and a little more catered to student success. Everyone has their reasons for attending college, and those reasons are what keep us motivated and grinding through all of this seemingly unending nonsense. I hope you clear your hurdles and get to where you wanna go. Good luck fellow students. I know a lot of us need it.



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