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Men’s basketball continue practices through finals week

December 5, 2018

Graphic by Kaitlyn Biri

Graphic by Kaitlyn Biri

As finals begin this week, most students spend their time studying and hoping there is a last chance for any extra credit in their classes.

The Nicholls State University men’s basketball team has just started its 2018 season, making it difficult to practice and devote time to school at the same time.

Senior center Daniel Regis said he understands the lack of available time during finals.

“It is very important for us to manage our time properly, make a schedule we follow, because we don’t have that much time, plus we have to still practice and study during our regular days,” Regis said.

Assistant coach Trevor Deloach said this year, the schedule has been fitting effectively for the players and their studies.

“This year [the schedule has been] good because we got 17 days off in between the game on the 28th [November] and the game on the 15th [December], so the good thing about it is that the players get a lot of time to focus on academics,” Deloach said. “We have been going for over 20 days in November, and that was a challenge for the players, but now they get time to lock in and focus on their exams.”

Deloach said the team’s study halls keep the players in check for their classes.

“While we are in Thibodaux, we have mandatory study halls at night usually from 7:00 to 9:30 every night, but we may change the times depending on the practice and stuff like that. On the road, we have put in a mandatory study hall time during the day. On the game day, it may only be an hour, but when we are traveling, it might be two hours. We make sure that we collaborate study time in order for the players to keep up academically,” Deloach said.

Freshman guard Trent Schiller said no one should waste time during finals.

“Definitely plan your time and don’t take any time for granted,” Schiller said. “If first an hour goes by, then two hours go by and then you don’t feel like [studying anymore] you are in problems. You just gotta make yourself do it.”

The Colonels are back on the court Dec. 15 against the Boston University Terriers.

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