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Top 5: Thanksgiving Foods

November 17, 2018

Top 5: Thanksgiving Foods

Halloween and the fall season’s hype is finally starting to die down as everyone’s interest is shifting to Christmas and the chilliness of winter. However, it’s important not to overlook the blessing known as Thanksgiving, which is potentially one of the most underappreciated holidays of the year. Aside from a week away from class, Thanksgiving has several loveable characteristics, which happen to be mostly in the form of food. The turkey holiday is the one time of the year where families gather to simply pig out. Isn’t it truly beautiful? Anyways, here are the top five foods that you don’t want to miss out on this Thanksgiving.

  1. Dressing/Stuffing: This cornbread, sausage and vegetable combination always makes for a solid addition to the feast. Though there are basically an unlimited number of different types of Thanksgiving dressings, each family has that unique, special one each year. Dressings and stuffings are super important to the Thanksgiving table.
  2. Casseroles: Whether its green bean, carrot, broccoli or macaroni and cheese casserole, some tasty baked dish is likely to make an appearance at the table. No matter what type it may be, a casserole is always a necessity when it comes to Thanksgiving. Casseroles always end up being the underdogs in many Thanksgiving meals, so make sure not to skip over it when making your plate.
  3. Yams/Sweet Potatoes: It doesn’t matter if you call them yams or sweet potatoes as long as you recognize the deliciousness of some of these dishes. Candied yams, or sweet potatoes with marshmallows, is a classic Thanksgiving dish that always seems to run out too quickly.
  4. Pies: No matter that the celebration of the fall season is coming to a close, fall desserts like pumpkin and pecan pies are still, and probably always will be, in season. Unlike most other meals, pies and other deserts are merely the cherry on top of the filling twenty-something course Thanksgiving meal.
  5. Turkey: Last but not least, turkey is the main course for all Thanksgiving meals, which often guarantees its tastiness. It doesn’t matter if it’s roasted, baked or fried; the turkey has a very slim chance of being anything short of amazing. After all, what would the turkey holiday be without a good turkey?

Whether it was cooked by your great aunt, grandma or uncle, all of the family-famous Thanksgiving dishes are continually appreciated year after year. Although the wonders of Christmas are just around the corner, be sure to stop and smell the roses (or dishes) of this Thanksgiving holiday.  Even though we sometimes just see Thanksgiving for the food, remembering and counting your blessings with your family is what the holiday is really about. Have a safe and great week off; we hope to see you back five pounds heavier like the rest of us.

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