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SGA fund fireworks for the last home football games and crosswalk signs

November 7, 2018

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SGA fund fireworks for the last home football games and crosswalk signs

Photo by: Marlie Pierce

Photo by: Marlie Pierce

Photo by: Marlie Pierce

The Student Government Association discussed the creation of a program for food insecure students, purchase of crosswalk signs, and the funding of a firework show.

SGA president Grant Henry reported his research on hunger and food insecurity in Louisiana. He found that out of all the states in the United States, Louisiana ranks in the top three. The most food insecure are first-generation college students, which means it affects students on Nicholls State University’s campus.

In an effort to help, Henry will be meeting with a few individuals to create a program similar to a program at the University of Maryland.

According to the University of Maryland’s website, the campus has their own food pantry. It provides emergency food for faculty, staff and students. Henry would be looking into providing cooked meals for those students who are food insecure.

The meeting then moved along to address spending. SGA agreed to fund the purchasing of 14 lunch tickets for business students for their seminar.

They will also fund the accounting and maritime management panel for students. The $156 funding will go to helping students learn what it takes to be a certified public accountant. An alumni will discuss the benefits of maritime management.

SGA agreed to pass a motion to purchase four pedestrian crossing signs at $339.99 each for a total of $1,359.96. Two of the signs will go on each side of the crosswalk on Bowie Road, which connects the Recreational Center and the main campus by Brady apartments. The other two signs will be placed on each side of the crosswalk by the soccer fields on Audubon Ave.

Next SGA discussed a motion whether they should fund fireworks for the next two home football games. The original motion was for SGA to fund $1,750, which was half of last year’s cost. However, the quote came back from the same company as used last year and totaled $2,500. SGA then faced the issue that, if they would fund it, would they fund half at $1,250 or the full cost of $2,500.

For the game this Saturday, Matt Roan, athletics director, would like to host a pre-game firework show. He would also be meeting with SPA to cover half of the funding.

Roan said that if they were to purchase all $2,500 worth of fireworks from the same company as last year, the company would be willing to provider sparklers for free.

Senators Markaylen Wiltz and Caleb Boudreaux were supporters of funding the whole motion in full. They argued it would boost school spirit at the game.

However, senator Keilan Kiger was opposed to funding the motion. Kiger said students gave him negative feedback after SGA funded a firework show last year. Kiger said that students were disappointed that their money was going towards intangible items such as firework shows.

In the end, the Senate voted 13 in favor of funding half of the $2,500 budget. There were 9 opposed and one abstention.

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