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SGA discusses upcoming blood drive, survey results and on-campus construction

November 1, 2018

On Oct. 29, the Student Government Association hosted a Halloween-themed meeting where members dressed in costumes as they discussed an upcoming blood drive, the Residential Living Internet and Cable Survey and construction on campus.

After the prayer and pledge, Francis Plaisance from The Blood Center took the podium.

On Nov. 6-7 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m, The Blood Center will be hosting a blood drive in front of the student union. Plaisance said that on and around Halloween, there are many accidents, so the blood supplies deplete. The Blood Center said they’re hoping for 50 people to donate one pint over the course of the two days.

According to the Blood Center website, to be eligible to give blood an individual 17 or older must weigh at least 110 pounds. Individuals who are 16 years old and would like to donate have to weigh 130 pounds and have a signed consent form from his or her parents.

To give students an incentive, The Blood Center will be providing free t-shirts to those who choose to donate. There will also be juice and cookies.

Every pint of blood saves three lives, Plaisance said. The plasma in the blood goes to burn and shock victims, platelets go to cancer and leukemia patients and red blood cells can go to any patient in need.

“Everybody’s a recruiter. If you can give blood, you’re a recruiter. If you can’t give blood, you’re a recruiter,” Plaisance said.

Vice president Austin Wendt then shared the results of the Residential Living Internet and Cable Survey. Out of 470 recorded responses, 52.7 percent of students said they never use the cable services provided in residence halls. In another question, out of 471 reported responses, 89.8 percent said they use Wi-Fi streaming services, such as YouTube, Netflix or Hulu, three or more times a week.

During the meeting, it was said that construction on the Chick-Fil-A began and is planned to open in the spring and renovation on the first floor of the library is still underway. The homecoming display results were also announced.

SGA also continued to discuss the potential for the new sidewalk connecting the Baptist Collegiate Ministry and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Senator Jon Dugas said the construction of a sidewalk is functional and symbolic. It would connect the two churches on campus and would not disrupt the trees.

SGA also discussed the idea of a potential sidewalk continuing past St. Thomas. Students who have to walk from the parking area by the highway are walking against traffic. The addition of a sidewalk would allow a safe walkway to class.

Lastly, SGA members discussed clearing the area around the Nicholls fountain on the bayou side. The evergreen and oak trees have overgrown the fountain. Many students use the fountain as a staple for graduation pictures. It is budgeted to take $4,000 to uproot most of the evergreen trees, trim the oak trees and give the area an overall facelift.

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