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Students comment on U.S. issues on Constitution Day

September 19, 2018

Graphic by Kaitlyn Biri

Graphic by Kaitlyn Biri

On Constitution Day, Nicholls State University students voiced their opinions on the current issues occurring throughout the United States.

Constitution Day is a day that recognizes the adoption of the United States Constitution and is observed annually every Sept. 17. This past Monday makes 231 years since our founding fathers signed the United States Constitution.

Although the majority of students don’t know that Constitution Day exists, most students are aware of the Constitution has significance in the U.S.’s government, and that there are political issues around the country.   

“It feels like we’re working against each other, rather than working together,” Brian Taylor, business administration senior from Houston, Texas, said.

Taylor said that it feels as if the nation is at constant war with itself, and it leaves everyone to choose a side from either a Republican or Democratic viewpoint with polar opposite views.

Victoria Battaglia, nursing freshman from Houma, said she agrees that the country is divided. She said the nation is divided on issues such as abortion, health care and gun control.

“We begin to stay away from those who have different opinions from us,” Battaglia said.

Political opinions can spark heated debates amongst family and friends. Members of the two opposing political parties sometimes even rebuke friendships, jobs and relationships based on the other person’s political views.

Taylor LeJeune, dietetics junior from Livonia, looks at the country’s issues from a religious standpoint. Growing up in the small town of Livonia, Taylor turned to religion to help her through her tough times.

“Our daily lives are consumed by fear of individuality, encouraged by society’s efforts for conformity,” LeJeune said.

She said today’s society forces people to concentrate on tangible objects, leaving those people wanting more out of life.

From LeJeune’s standpoint, if everyone were to embrace his or her individuality, the country would be generally happier. There would be no labels, which can be the stem for heated political debates.

“Should our leaders place more effort-based away from achievement of power and to the genuine preservation of life, I believe the light of love would shine brighter, positively influencing the country,” LeJeune said.

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