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Sneaker Feature: Donald Glover continues his advancement as a musician and fashion icon

September 12, 2018

The ever prominent Donald Glover, also known by his stage name, Childish Gambino, has been making a lot of newsworthy moves recently. From his musical stunts to his recent fashion statements, Glover has stirred up a lot of conversation about himself. Here’s what the Atlanta creative has been up to for the last few weeks.

On Sept. 1, Glover released his first ever animated music video for the song “Feels Like Summer.” The music video portrays many of today’s hottest cultural and rap icons partaking in various symbolic activities, all while Glover walks past the commotion with earphones in as he appears to be leaving the rap community.

This music video has received lots of speculation as it showcases several symbolic scenes, such as Kanye West sobbing in an M.A.G.A. hat while being embraced by Michelle Obama. Kanye, while clearing up and apologizing for his comments on slavery, broke down during an interview earlier this year. The video also showcases illustrations like Travis Scott knocking down Nicki Minaj’s block tower, which alludes to some disagreement that took place between the two, as well as Kid Cudi alone in darkness, alluding to the rapper’s recent struggle with mental health. You can even spot the Migos playing basketball. The video ends with Childish Gambino entering a house, leaving the rap community behind as the video fades to black. Glover has said that he was retiring the persona “Childish Gambino” this year, so this video could symbolize the final action of the beloved rap alias. However, Chance the Rapper and Donald Glover have a joint album in the works, which could mean that Glover will start to use his full name rather than his stage name.

With all of these intriguing visuals taking place, the subtle lyrics of the song become easy to forget about. Behind all of the visuals, Donald Glover sings about increasingly problematic issues that the world is facing today, such as overpopulation, artificial intelligence, climate change and air pollution. Although the references are subtle and nowhere near in depth, Glover clearly wanted to encrypt this rather serious message in the unrelated music video.

Amongst all of the talk about the “Feels Like Summer” video, Adidas Originals announced Glover’s signing with Adidas as a “Brand Co-Creator” with a sequel to the “Feels Like Summer” music video on September 5. The animation picks up where the “Feels Like Summer” music video left off, as Donald Glover enters the house and puts on some new Adidas shoes. Donald Glover’s collaboration with Adidas is sure to be a fruitful one packed with various pieces of apparel, shoes and possibly something else.

Seeing what Glover has in store for the world will be quite interesting, as he has consistently displayed his creative abilities across several platforms as not only a musician, but as a style icon, director and actor, too.

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