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Cafeteria ladies impact Nicholls students campus experience

Cafeteria ladies impact Nicholls students campus experience

September 5, 2018

Here at Nicholls State University, we have many faculty workers that look out for us as students. The cafeteria workers, however, always do the most. Whether it be Judy Sylvest or Eunice Gonzales, known as Mrs. Judy and Mrs. Eunice, waiting with a smile at the front desk, or one of the workers in the back serving students their delicious and wholesome food, the cafeteria workers on campus make sure to take proper care of the student population.

Davonte´ Burse, a culinary arts junior from New Orleans, explained how much Sylvest means to him and the rest of the students here at Nicholls.

“Mrs. Judy is the sweetest person I’ve ever met, probably in my life, but definitely the sweetest person I’ve met here on campus,” Burse said. “She’s just a ball of good energy. Every time I come into the cafe, she’ll make my day. There’s been many times where she’ll just grab my hands and just ask me how I’m doing. She passes off great energy to everybody she comes in contact with; she really cares for us as students. Her role here at Nicholls goes beyond the cafeteria. She has a big role here.”

He also explained that he loves Mrs. Eunice, her consistently great attitude and her positive energy.

“I love her, too. She always has a smile on her face,” Burse said. “She just gives off good energy as well. Every time I come into contact with her, it’s always pleasant.”

Emma Bourgeois, an allied health pre-professional junior from Thibodaux, related to Burse’s sentiments towards the ladies at the front desk.

“I think they’re super sweet, and they always brighten up anyone’s day whenever they walk into the cafeteria. It doesn’t matter if you just failed a test or are struggling with homework, whenever you see Mrs. Judy and Mrs. Eunice, the day gets better,” Bourgeois said.

These ladies make students feel at home, which is very important for college students that may be missing their actual home.

Beau Bourgeois, a nursing junior from Bayou Gauche, said, “They make you want to keep going back to the cafe to go eat because it’s kind of like that home-away-from-home type of feel. They show that they care for you every time you come into the cafeteria.”

Be on the lookout for the full story on Sylvest and Gonzales in this month’s issue of Nicholls Worth: The Magazine, which arrives on campus Sept. 10.

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