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Nicholls women’s soccer team discuss advantages of homestand and on the road games

August 29, 2018

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Nicholls women’s soccer team discuss advantages of homestand and on the road games

The Nicholls State University women’s soccer team experiences long road trips and homestands each season.

Playing at home has its benefits, and playing on the road has its challenges.

Senior defender Elizabeth Newell said she understands the pros of playing at home.

“Playing at home, you have a home-field advantage,” Newell said. “The crowd definitely changes the energy and the atmosphere. You know that you have people cheering you on and want you to do well versus people who don’t.”

According to head coach Mac McBride, playing both at home and away requires mental and physical toughness, which the team achieves from hours of practice and special strategies.

He said the players have a strict plan to prepare themselves for the season.

“We got a four month periodized training plan,” McBride said. “That’s physical periodization and team tactical periodization, so it can change depending on how far we are traveling. Generally, what we are trying to do is get to where we are playing 24 hours before [the game starts], so we learn the environment, and we get to play on the field. That is as much physiological as it is psychological.”

Although road games have their challenges, they can be very inspiring and motivating.

McBride said road matches can be memorable experiences for student-athletes.

“I think going away as a group and having that experience, is one of the best experiences that a student-athlete can have,” McBride said.

Senior midfielder Francesca Curteis said the team’s camaraderie increases on the road.

“I guess we are more as a team when we are playing away; like socially better. I guess we connect better on the field when we play away.”

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