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Upperclassmen give advice to freshmen

August 21, 2018

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Upperclassmen give advice to freshmen

Dear incoming freshmen,

Your inaugural college year is finally here. Your college experience will be everything you’re expecting and more! However, there’s a catch. The aforementioned “more” may catch you off guard if you’re not careful. Luckily, incoming freshmen can always count on their trusty upperclassmen to hand down some pointers and words of wisdom.

Attending college opens up a world of opportunity, including the privilege of learning about new cultures. Being in a setting with a diverse set of people is an underrated experience that you should be careful not to overlook.

Courtney Sylvest, allied health junior from Thibodaux, said, “Travel and gain perspective, or at least meet people who come from different backgrounds and cultures. I’ve learned more about life and how to live from people, rather than the classroom. Do well and work hard in school, but don’t let it consume you.”

You made it to college, which means you’re not in high school anymore. College is completely different than high school, and you should know that it’s okay to ask for help if you need. Being prepared for the everyday problems that may come up is not an easy feat by any means. Expecting the unexpected will make many of your uncontrollable problems rollover more smoothly, even if it’s just being prepared for the possibility of rain.

Tanner LaFont, biology senior from Cut Off, said, “Get an umbrella to keep with you at all times, and never be afraid to ask people for help.”

Getting involved on campus is by far the easiest way to enhance your college experience. Whether you’re interested in Greek life, student publications or religious organizations, there is something for everyone here at Nicholls State University.

Emma Bourgeois, health science pre-professional junior from Thibodaux, said, “Being involved on campus has made my college experience exciting and fulfilling. The best way to join organizations is at the Welcome Back Day on August 23.”

Hopefully some of these tips will help you get off to a successful and productive start in your new life as a college student. You’ve all been waiting for this opportunity you’ve been given, so be sure to make the most of it. Good luck and bless up.

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