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Hot Takes: RIP Lagniappe

May 8, 2018

To whom it may concern, As you may have heard, big changes are coming to both Nicholls Worth and student media as a whole next semester. Since the student media referendum passed, we are being afforded the opportunity to make big changes to both the content we put out as well as how you receive it. It’s all very exciting and the buzz and hype surrounding the office is absolutely intoxicating.

But, in order for new things to begin, old things must end. Which is what I am going to discuss here today. It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I announce to you all the passing of the Lagniappe section of Nicholls Worth.

When I was chosen to be the Lagniappe Editor at the end of last semester, I was wide eyed and full of energy, but now I sit at my desk writing this broken, burdened and burnt out. When I started in Lagniappe, we had a staff of writers all as eager as I was and full to the brim with great ideas. Now as the semester draws to a close, it’s just me and my fellow Lagniappe colleague, Levin Pinho.

Thank you Lagniappe for teaching me how to manage more stress than I have ever personally endured in my 20 years of living. Thank you Lagniappe for always creeping up on me when I tried to relax, for always waking me up in the middle of the night and for filling me with toxic levels of anxiety. I will not miss you, but I am excited to announce here at your funeral, the introduction of your replacement.

What once was Lagniappe will now and forever be known as Entertainment. Entertainment is shaping up to be everything Lagniappe aspired to be, but just couldn’t reach so quickly. With the introduction of the Entertainment section, we here at Nicholls Worth are aiming to become a staple for all of your clout, comedy, culture and (surprise) entertainment needs. Things such as video content, podcasts, more humor pieces, music coverage as well as much of what Lagniappe has provided will all be around next semester.

Fortunately enough, the day to day hustle and grind that comes with being in charge of a section will no longer be my burden to bear. New writers, new leadership, new ideas and new content are all coming your way as soon as this fall. With that being said, thank you all for your continued support and readership. We can really use all the support we can get. Last but not least, goodbye Lagniappe.

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