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5 keys to end the semester strong

April 18, 2018


Photo by: Jessica Mouton

As we all know, the end of the semester often proves to be the most stressful and busiest time of the school year. All of your time to bring up your grades has vanished, and you’re wondering where the entire month of March went as finals creep up on you. Panicking is not the only thing you can do as you trudge on through the rest of the semester. Here’s some solutions to your seemingly unsolvable problems.

1. Drown yourself in coffee- Coffee makes the world go ‘round, so it can surely aid you in strongly finishing off a semester. If coffee just isn’t your thing, then try other refreshing beverages or snacks instead, as they’ll work in a similar way to help your work ethic. On the other hand, if coffee isn’t sickening to you, then drink it enough so that it does become sickening, if that’s what you have to do.

2. Get the most out of your sleep- While you may be losing sleep over the mountains of assignments and work that you’ve been assigned, it’s important to take advantage of whatever time you can get to rest. Change up your morning schedule if you need to. It’s getting harder and harder for everyone else to get up, too; it’s completely okay. Sleep until you have the least amount of time possible to get to class on time.

3. Make a study playlist- It’s getting to that time of the semester where you might just feel like giving up. If you ever find yourself futilely studying, then take a break to create the greatest study playlist you can possibly conceive. Some procrastination, amidst the enormous amounts of work, can be quite beneficial.

4. Get reorganized- Spring break can really be tough to come back from mostly, because of the sudden reentrance of responsibilities into your life. Being organized is the last thing on your mind during any holiday, but it’s important to get reorganized whenever your holiday ends. I understand that organization is a cliché key to success in school, but it actually does work, and can be very useful for everyone.

5. Party- Everyone needs to unleash their party selves every now and then. Partying and going out are great stress relievers, and you should definitely remember to take advantage of the fun part of college. All of the homework and studying will be worth it, so do whatever you need to do to relieve some of the stress that comes along with them.

Anyways, I hope these suggestions for powering through the end of the semester were helpful to you in some way. Remember that class gets hard sometimes, but it’s our job as students to step up to the challenges that are presented to us, even when they get excessive. Try to get yourself to your academic goals for finals; Good luck with the rest of the year.

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