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How to survive spring break

April 3, 2018


Photo by: Jessica Mouton

It’s finally happening. After weeks of mindless assignments, ridiculous exams and stressful projects, spring break has finally begun. I’m sure we’re all aware of the madness and debauchery that surrounds spring break, but here are a few words of subjectively, sound advice that just might get you through the week in one piece:

1. Stay hydrated– Water is a basic need for all living things on the planet, so why not take full advantage of that? Be sure to drink as much water as possible, especially if you’re planning on partying all week long.

2. Don’t talk to strangers– Shady people and sketchy characters are never good company. Be sure to stick with your crew if you’re on vacation or simply out downtown. Always remember that there’s safety in numbers.

3. Maintain your sun intake– If you’re headed to somewhere sunny, be sure to pack a decent amount of sunscreen. The last thing anybody wants is to come home from spring break burnt to a crisp.

4. Forget about school– School is out for a week, so the last thing you need to be doing is stressing about assignments, professors or tests. Take this precious time off, and make the most out of it by destressing from the daily grind.

5. R E L A X– Catch up on sleep. Spend a whole day in bed. Watch TV. Eat inordinate amounts of junk food. Do whatever you need to do to get by.

So, there you have it: the blueprint to a stress-free spring break. Maybe you’ll take all this advice as gospel, or maybe none of this advice pertains to you. I don’t care. I finally have a week to myself, free of school and work. I wish you all the best of breaks, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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