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Fortnite: the culture’s craze

March 7, 2018


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Fortnite, if you haven’t already heard, has taken the nation on a joyride since its popularity spike over the last few months. The free-to- play “Battle Royale” is influencing our culture each day through viral twitter videos, internet memes and even snapchat stories. The addictively enjoyable, third person shooter has tens of millions of friends battling, building and boogie-bombing their way to victory every day.

The hype for this game isn’t slowing down either. Fortnite is continuing to grow in population as Epic Games and People Can Fly, developers of the growing title, add new weapons, buildings, game modes and countless other features for their players each week.

Deservingly, Fortnite has quickly earned a spot in the race for the most popular “Battle Royale” game; the only game still in contention is Player Unknown Battle Grounds.

The appeal of Fortnite stems from the fact that it is free-to- play and available on consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Fortnite is also a game that allows casual players to have fun for countless hours, whereas more challenging games are not as enjoyable for the casual player.

According to the game’s developers at Epic Games, Fortnite was originally supposed to serve as a zombie survival game, but, even though the launch did not go as planned, they clearly have nothing to be disappointed about.

The paid “Save the World” game mode was the original focus of the title, but the free “Battle Royale” game mode has attracted a much larger population of players. The developers are also very interactive with their players, as they listen to and fix the issues that their player-base points out.

Whether players are lurking in bush costumes, building forts or running around recklessly, they are enjoying themselves at no cost on the “Battle Royale” game mode. The title should continue to grow as an influence as time progresses and players keep enjoying themselves. Fortnite is here to stay, and should continue to be the craze of the culture.

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