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Personal Opinion: A student’s take on President Clune

January 24, 2018


On Thursday, Jan. 1, 2018, Jay Clune officially succeeded Dr. Bruce Murphy as the sixth president of Nicholls State University.

As a student, I expect the president of my university to bring innovation, opportunity and stability to not only the NSU campus, but also our university’s community as a whole. Given that Clune is a Nicholls alumnus and has family ties to the area, it seems that he truly has the best interest at heart for this community.

During the race for the university presidency, Clune shared his eagerness to return to Nicholls. The 1986 graduate has assured the public that he plans to diversify the campus and provide several other cultural and academic benefits to the faculty and student body as well. I believe that Clune will undoubtedly live up to the expectations that the students, faculty and local community have for him. Clune has already displayed his passionate commitment to contribute to his new home and the people connected to it, so I am eagerly awaiting what he has in store.

Clune, before running for university president of Nicholls, held several administrative roles at the University of West Florida over 13 years. Clune began as a history professor and worked his way up to several prestigious positions, such as interim Vice Provost of Academic Affairs.

Since Clune has fulfilled several various campus roles in the past, he should understand the various intricacies of our faculty and be able to act accordingly. This experience will surely
contribute to Clune’s ability to fit the role of university president, and it will allow him to be able to incorporate innovative ideas into our everyday life at Nicholls.

With his prior experience and love for Nicholls, the new president can push the university to its fullest potential. As a member of the student body, I feel reassured knowing that Clune has a desire to make Nicholls, his alma mater, more prosperous than ever before. Because of the many traits he brings to the table, Clune appears to be a promising fit for the prestigious position of university president.

Clune is a family man that genuinely views his job as a dream come true. As a member of the Nicholls community, I could not ask for anyone better to lead the university than the man who possesses these characteristics.

With these qualities and a sincere love for this community, Clune makes a perfect fit for the president of Nicholls. Clune represents many of the astounding traits that I would be pleased to see in the University President’s office.

I believe that Dr. Jay Clune will fulfill my expectations along with those of the community, and I urge everyone to optimistically welcome the newest president of Nicholls State University.

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