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Infinity and Beyond: Not by fighting what we hate

January 23, 2018

“We’re going to win this war, not by fighting what we hate but saving what we love.”

In just a few words spoken near the end of “The Last Jedi,” mechanic-turned- Resistance hero Rose Tico
managed to capture what is at the heart of every rebellion and resistance fighter’s cause throughout the
Star Wars series. Rose’s message is powerful and relevant, not only to “Star Wars” and to Disney’s
movie themes in general, but because of its timely message.

We live in a divided culture that seems to be plagued with confrontation. We fight what we hate, and
what we hate fights right back in one way or another. We spend so much of our time arguing with those
who don’t share our views that it becomes exhausting. In the end, this adversarial mindset does not
make things better. On the other hand, it makes them progressively worse by creating a cycle of endless

The way to win this “war,” that seems to be raging in society, is by saving what we love.

It may seem cliché to believe that values like love and selflessness can combat the bad in the world
because a mind fixed on revenge often seems more admirable. Love has an impact that can spread like
wildfire and cannot be denied. It is far better to spend our time focusing on what we love than what we

It is love that led Meg in “Hercules” to give up her life by throwing herself in front of a falling pillar to
save a battered Hercules.

It is love that drove Anna to risk her own life to shield Elsa from a sword in “Frozen.” She could have
tried to fight Hans, but she knew she only had one chance to save her sister. She led with her heart and
ultimately chose to give up her own life instead of letting hatred overtake her.

It is love that led Rapunzel to try to heal Flynn’s fatal wound before submitting to living in shackles for
the rest of her life in “Tangled.” In return, she promised to never fight Mother Gothel again.

It is love that in return drove Flynn to accept his fate and cut Rapunzel’s hair before she could save him,
ultimately freeing her from Gothel’s control. The pair won their battle in the end, not by letting their
rage control them but by letting their love do so.

Life is not a Disney movie, but that doesn’t mean the truths we find in each don’t remain constant.

Choosing love over hate is often the hard way, yet it is more powerful than we realize. Love sparks a
kind of courage that cannot be manufactured. It is far more powerful than aggression and hatred.

If you love something, then stand up for it and defend it with your heart. Wasting your energy fighting
those who oppose you is not the way you’ll prevail. You’ll win by turning to what it is that you care
about and giving it your all.

It’s going to be frustrating when people disagree with you and try to fight you. There will be times when
you want to give up or give in, but stay strong. Cassian said it best in “Rogue One.” “Every time I walked
away from something I wanted to forget, I told myself it was for a cause that I believed in, a cause that
was worth it. Without that, we’re lost.”

So, defend what you love, but not by fighting those who try to oppose you or fighting what you hate. Do
it by saving what you love–by standing up for it with all you’ve got.

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